Barbara has been a professional speaker for over 25 years and has delighted many large and small audiences with her dynamic style and warm sense of humor.

She has traveled throughout the US and several other countries with her books and has spoken at a variety of conferences, civic organizations, book clubs and churches on many different topics. She is mainly a motivational speaker and teacher and knows how to reach an audience with personal stories and anecdotes as well as teach on more serious subjects if requested.

With her book “When The East Wind Blows” Barbara has traveled to large conferences and civic organizations across the US. She looks at the historical, economic and cultural reasons of how a nation, as educated and civilized as Germany was, could have plunged into the abyss of the Nazi regime. She asks the poignant question: Could it happen in America?


What people have commented:

“Your program last night was outstanding! Only rarely do women have the opportunity to hear and learn from such a talented, humorous and strong woman bearing a message that reaches out and touches our souls.”

Joan McCall, University Women

“I very much enjoyed your presentation. You held the attention of everyone like I have not seen before in our group. Never have I considered the feelings of other than the “enemy” when thinking of WWII.”

Jim Satterwaite, High Twelve Club


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