My latest book ONLY A DREAM just came out on Amazon e-book and in paperback.

Thomas Peterson, MD, the successful Chief of Thoracic Surgery of a large Philadelphia hospital, is mysteriously transported to ancient Israel during the years 27-30 A.D. With his 21st century medical knowledge he rises to become the famous, fabulously wealthy royal physician to King Herod and is given a villa on a large estate, which includes over a hundred slaves.
An atheist Jew, Thomas, who relies on science and not faith, is suddenly faced with the fact that unlimited wealth and power over others brings out in him a dark side he never thought possible. This book deals with faith, doubt, confusion and even anger as he meets the lowly Carpenter who declares He is the Son of God and challenges him in a gentle, mysterious way. During his treacherous journey Thomas rises from the height of success only to plunge into the debts of despair in order to find his true destiny.
Dream or reality, that is his constant question during his leap into the past as his professional, moral and spiritual world is shaken by events beyond his control.
Be prepared for a stunning surprise at the end!

Only a dream