Violence and Tragedy

There has been so much violence and tragedy lately it seems hard to turn the news on each morning and face another incident of people expressing their frustration by killing others. What makes certain individuals so angry the only way they can find relief is to turn to murder? They are not driven by hunger, homelessness or other social injustice, just hatred. I don’t even think they know exactly why or whom they hate, just that they do.
Could it be that our society is finally reaping the harvest of exposing our young to so many violent movies, TV shows and brutal video games they are now brainwashed into thinking the only way to solve problems is with physical aggression. It seems unacceptable to suggest these days that life is filled with obstacles that are meant to be overcome and worked through with self discipline, hard work and courage. Hatred and violence are definitely not part of the solution. Yet that is what society has shown all of us through endless daily hours of violence by the social media. Think 20 or 30 years ago and compare what was shown in movies and TV then and what is on there now. We have all been made numb by the endless barrage of killings, beatings and other violent ways. It is chilling to realize that the movies and TV shows have become reality.
What is the solution? It may sound like a cliché, but we need to turn back to the old fashioned values we all remember but have put on the shelf as just that – old fashioned. Honesty, decency, self discipline and building character in our young by teaching them that life is not easy, that not having everything or not getting your own way all the time is normal and definitely not a tragedy. By telling them if they don’t win every game or come in first in every race is not the end. Instead, sharing and helping others by seeing their need will build the kind of character that will weather the storms that are inevitable and can be solved not through violence but through courage, tenacity and hope.
I strongly believe it is the absence of this hope which creates the kind of helpless rage we are seeing in so many today.