When The East Wind Blows


Based on a true StoryWhen the East Wind Blows

Elisabeth, a German woman (Barbara’s mother), together with her four children and Helga, her maid, flees the incoming Russian front in the east only to find herself in the midst of the most devastating carpet bombing of the Allies in the west. With courage and tenacity, she overcomes death, destruction and hunger during the final days of the collapse of the Nazi regime.

A tender love story develops between Helga and Jakob, an escaped Jewish concentration camp prisoner, who travels with them dressed as a girl.

For the first time in America, in this gripping, fast paced novel, the last six months of WWII come to life from a unique point of view, leaving the reader with a surprising new perspective of this time period.

Paperback – $20.00 (S&H and tax  incl.)

Kindle Version $ 4.99 Available HERE.

What readers say about the book:

“Barbara Martin is a very talented story teller and has captured a dark period of German history with sincere honesty and deep understanding for the people caught up in it. The book makes for great reading enjoyment!”

Elisabeth Wendell, Professor of American Literature,
University of Duesseldorf, Germany