Little Book of Miracles

A Collection of stories how simple faith can change your everyday life into something extraordinary.

Little Book of MiraclesThese 16 stories tell of wonderful miracles based on real accounts in Barbara’s life. They will lift you to a new dimension of faith in a loving God.

And while in the midst of problems and daily trials, they will enable you to face life and its inevitable difficulties with a new sense of courage and hope.

Paperback – $13.50 (S&H and tax incl)

Kindle Version $3.99 Available HERE.

What readers say about the book:

Barbara Martin is a gifted writer and story teller. she writes with faith, compassion, understanding, encouragement and a phenomenal sense of humor. Every word of hers is Spirit filled!”

Rev. Karen M. Burris
Morrison United Methodist Church

“These stories are wonderful! Simple on the surface, but profound, easy to read, and to the point. They are a gentle reminder for those who have eyes to see and ears to discern the working of God in our lives. I wonder how many miracles we miss simply because we do not appreciate God’s hand in our everyday lives.”

Richard T. Bosshardt, MD
Plastic Surgeon

“Barbara Martin doesn’t just write stories. She lifts you up and takes you into various parts of her life. Her inspirational writings sparkle… and leave you with good feelings even after you ‘come back’ to your own world.”

Marci Elliott
Award winning journalist
Mount Dora, FL

“I have always been a quiet Christian and your “Little Book of Miracles” gives me the opportunity to spread the message of Jesus in a more subtle way.”

Sue Hooper