His Perfect Crime Trilogy


His Perfect Victim

In this first book in the series it is Inspector Robert Latimer’s last and most difficult case. The wealthy owner and CEO of a large company is murdered in his home. The solution seems easy. In the end, not only the reader, but even the Inspector is totally stunned by the sudden, dramatic and twisted plot which unravels as a serial murderer is exposed.


His Perfect Target


In this second book in the series Robert Latimer, now the owner of a private detective agency, is asked to investigate the murder of the owner and CEO of a large trucking company. While on a hunting trip with four of his management team, a hit man takes aim from behind and kills him with one shot. The police give up on the case and the family of the victim hires Latimer to find the killer. In the process it is revealed that large sums of money have been stolen from Bellami Trucking, Inc.

Through many twists and turns, the case speeds up as Latimer’s life is threatened as he gets closer to finding the killer. Just when he thinks the case is solved, he realizes the murderer and embezzler is still on the loose.

The reader will be delighted to find Det. Sgt. Brighton and all the other familiar characters of the first book woven into the suspenseful story.


His Perfect Legacy


In this third book in the series Robert Latimer is asked to the reading of the Will of a wealthy investor. William Carl Hellman, in a video, tells his five spoiled, greedy children that one of them killed him. He charges Latimer with solving the crime. If he cannot, the children will not be paid a penny of the fifty million dollar inheritance each for ten years.
The words of the dieing man have a strange, powerful influence on the heirs as the investigation reveals in each the capacity of good and evil, corruption or the courage to change. As the fascinating, psychological drama unfolds, Latimer struggles to find the killer until he is stunned by a sudden revelation he never expected.

I have been a writer of other genres, but none has been as much fun as weaving these three spellbinding tales of murder and mayhem. They are told in an easy to read style, without the usual depiction of sex, perversion and horrible language. It is my aim to prove that murder mysteries can be told without these negative attributes and still be spellbinding, dramatic and interesting. Within the pages of these crime stories you will find the moral values and principles we all long for while being wonderfully entertained at the same time.